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Teen BBC anal
Teen BBC anal

Summer college party, drinks, music, everybody has fun. Girls were smiling, with every drink opening one more blouse button. Stil teens, they had had sex before but it was back at home, with her high school sweetheart. You know, “I love you” type of sex.

But now it was all different. Boys they were dating were a few years older, some girls even secretly fucking married professors. And during summer party season, every night some other man pumped their ass – teens love BBC anal.

But Lucy was different. She had just come from Alabama, left her sweetheart there but still in contact every day. And she didn’t like parties, her roommate Maya made her come. Now she was alone because Maya was sucking some dick upstairs in the guest room. Maybe even two, Maya was a wild one.

While looking around her eyes settled on a tall, good-looking black guy. He was a senior student, popular in the college for being the captain of the football team. All the girls were after him and he never said “No”. And now he was looking at her.

Back at home, she was always attracted by black boys but the only cock she had in her pussy was of her boyfriend. They had sex just several times, in bed with lights switched off. After several kisses, his soft dick was trying to enter her pussy and anyway it was all over in a few minutes. She knew fucking should be more than that, but she had never thought of trying it. But this then was fantasizing about anal sex, especially BBC

Until tonight. Maybe because being alone at the party, or two beers made her more relaxed… When her eyes met his, she felt her pussy getting wet on idea of interracial sex. She with pleasure noticed his wide shoulders, small ass, and big arms, and with surprise his tight pants on edge of explosion because of his enormous erection.

When he approached there was no much talking, both of them new his dick must be set free as soon as possible. He took her by hand and led her to a small garden house. She forgot all about being someone’s girlfriend and daddy’s daughter, friend Maya, Bible classes… All she wanted was that big black cock, that BBC monster into her tiny teen anal hole.

Soon she had it in her hands, and in no time she was on her knees, sucking it hard. With surprise, she understood she enjoyed it because already tick and hard dick got even bigger. Already wet, every time he would touch her body she was close to climax. Her small breasts were up, wanted his lips.

In such a small place, there was no much choice so he turned her around and with a strong move entered her pussy from behind. Her small body trembled, she felt like she was a virgin until that day. She never dreamed fucking can be so wild, exciting, and enjoyable. With every his push her whole body was moving, it was like she was too small to receive such monstrous cock anally.

And then, his giant dick entered her ass! Her never-before-penetrated asshole! The shock was big, first came a surprise, then pain (first painal for her), then again surprise “How my small, tight ass can handle such a big cock?”. But a pleasure, a different kind of pleasure also came. It was strange, something she never felt before.

But when she finally felt his warm semen filling her, after her third orgasm, she knew there was no going back for her. She will want this, again and again, today, tomorrow, for the rest of her life. Anal BBC is the ultimate teen pleasure she found.

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