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Summer college party, drinks, music, everybody has fun. Girls were smiling, with every drink opening one more blouse button. Stil teens, they had had sex before but it was back at home, with her high school sweetheart. You know, "I love you" type of sex.

But now it was all different. Boys they were dating were a few years older, some girls even secretly fucking married professors. And during summer party season, every night some other man pumped their ass.

But Lucy was different. She had just come from Alabama, left her sweetheart there but still in contact every day. And she didn't like parties, her roommate Maya made her come. Now she was alone because Maya was sucking some dick upstairs in the guest room. Maybe even two, Maya was a wild one.

While looking around her eyes settled on a tall, good-looking black guy. He was a senior student, popular in the college for being the captain of the football team. All the girls were after him and he never said "No". And now he was looking at her.

Back at home, she was always attracted by black boys but the only cock she had in her pussy was of her boyfriend. They had sex just several times, in bed with lights switched off. After several kisses, his soft dick was trying to enter her pussy and anyway it was all over in a few minutes. She knew fucking should be more than that, but she had never thought of trying it.

Until tonight. Maybe because being alone at the party, or two beers made her more relaxed... When her eyes met his, she felt her pussy getting wet on idea of interracial sex. She with pleasure noticed his wide shoulders, small ass, and big arms, and with surprise his tight pants on edge of explosion because of his enormous erection.

When he approached there was no much talking, both of them new his dick must be set free as soon as possible. He took her by hand and led her to a small garden house. She forgot all about being someone's girlfriend and daddy's daughter, friend Maya, Bible classes... All she wanted was that big black cock.

Soon she had it in her hands, and in no time she was on her knees, sucking it hard. With surprise, she understood she enjoyed it because already tick and hard dick got even bigger. Already wet, every time he would touch her body she was close to climax. Her small breasts were up, wanted his lips.

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You touch his pants and then you feel it - it's bloody huge! And while undressing you're starting to understand he's more interested in your ass than your pussy. And when he pushes you down on the bed, with your ass facing up, you know what's coming... yup, it's exciting interracial ass fucking!

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When you start to cry, waves of orgasm passing your whole body, he also let it go in you, warm flushes filling your inside. You both crush to bed, exhausted. He looks at your eyes and you understand what has just happened

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She let him in, and before he could go to the pool and start his job, she started a small talk. In no more than a few minutes he was sitting on the sofa next to her, with a drink in his hand. She knew what she wanted and how to do it. Her home robe couldn't hide her tits even when fully closed, now the robe was slowly opening showing more and more to the boy. Few calculated moves with her legs and her hips were showing all the way up.

With pleasure, she noticed some moving in his pants, and it looked like a big one. Without further talking, she took his hand and put on her bosoms. In answer his pants just exploded, she was surprised. She opened the zip... She was looking at the biggest cock she had ever seen! That ebony monster was huge, thick, and was looking right at her. When she put it into her mouth, the boy moaned, and her throat hurt. She was barely able to breathe, the dick not just blocked her throat but also stretched her mouth.

This wasn't her pussy's first BBC but for sure was the biggest one. It hurt on penetration, but such an enormous one can't miss any hidden sweet spot, it was hitting all of them. While riding him she had the control, she could limit how much it entered and the speed. But while she already had her orgasm young black wanted more...

When she slowed down a bit, he turned her and took command. He targetted the pussy but lack of experience led to hitting her asshole instead, and hitting it hard. She was so surprised she couldn't even say "No". Something huge was drilling inside her body, she felt like her internal organs were displaced by it. And asshole was stretched beyond possible, she was sure she wouldn't be able to walk for a week after this.

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