Asian BBC Anal

BBC Anal Asian
BBC Anal Asian

At home, I’m just an average guy when it comes to dating – medium build, muscular but slim, my black dick just above average for black guys. When I visited Sweden, I noticed some of the girls were even taller than me.

So I really like to travel to the East. Latinas at home are also good but there I look really tall and big, and my dick is way above local standards. Latina BBC anal is fine but… My black skin is also exotic to them. And those petit sexy girls are for sure exotic to me! So I visited a few Arab countries, India, Thailand, Japan… And enjoyed great sex every time.

But the best was in Korea. Something in their culture and way of life made them different from the rest. They were different, but not strange to me. From the start, I was relaxed and felt great. The purpose of my trip was business, and several hours spent in a business meeting on my first day in Seoul was enough to accomplish all successfully. So I had the whole two days free!

The next day I spent as a tourist, sightseeing, trying local food… But the night was what I was waiting for. From a taxi driver, I got the name of an exclusive night club. Well, night clubs all over the world look more or less the same, because they have the same purpose – find a fuckbuddy. A chance for Asian BBC anal!

So I sat on a bar chair and looked around. There was a lot of foreigners like me, some local prostitutes, and… two girls seating alone. Something in their appearance made them different from the crowd. They looked like they weren’t belonging there. And that made me horny.

I took my drink, ordered two more for them and approached. They both were of tiny build but sexy, young (college students?) and looked confused. They said nothing when I joined their table so I took it as “Yes”. Their English was good enough. In less than five minutes they relaxed and we were chatting.

They were studying in Seoul but they were actually from a remote small village. Their families were traditional, contrary to the life they tasted here. Reason for coming here was to avoid anyone knew, they felt better with strangers. After a few drinks more one girl even said: “We are expected to stay virgins… so we practice just anal sex”. Boy, I got a boner that almost turned the table upside-down! Girls, you’ll never forget this BBC anal sex!

As an experienced business negotiator, I managed to keep the subject lewd, so after a few hours, we were in a taxi on the way to my hotel. My finger already explored their pussies and they were real virgins. Somehow it made me hornier, all the way to my room I had to hide my erection.

In the room we continued drinking, talking, slowly undressed… And when they got afraid when they saw my big black cock I knew it would be their first BBC anal. I felt like a real man. The whole night I was pumping one ass, then another, then a break for sucking, then back to asshole. And their rectums were so tight, I believed my thick dick would just break them apart – it was a real painal for them. They for sure felt pain, but they enjoyed too Asian BBC anal.

It went for hours, I felt like young again, as soon as orgasm ended I was able to penetrate again those tiny sexy asses. The whole next day we were sleeping, completely tired. When we finally woke up, we ordered room service, chatted a bit… and then again my cock was stroking their assholes, again and again! Neverending BBC anal threesome.

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