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Gay BBC Anal
Gay BBC Anal

He was just a guy from the office. We met in the corridor, elevator or in the line for the coffee machine, but we never exchanged more than “Hi”. I was new in the company and my job asked to spend a lot of time traveling and meeting customers, so I knew just my team members.

But then one of our principal customers complained, so the company decided to send someone more experienced with me. When I boarded the plane (I was late) he was already there. For the first time, I noticed he liked to dress well, with style. His suit was perfectly matched with shoes, shirt, and tie. He must be gay, BBC gay – I thought. I sat next to him and we started a small talk.

Soon it came out we have a lot of common – films, music, fitness, books. And when he said “… my ex-boyfriend…” the whole thing suddenly got much more interesting. I took a look of him again. He was older than me but it was hard to guess, his body was perfect – tall, muscular, wide shoulders. Just a few whites in his short beard showed his late 30s.

It was a long flight, after the meal we took a drink, then one more… I guessed he liked me because suddenly his hand was on my knees. In no time I got an erection and it was hard to hide. Anyway, why to hide, the seat next to us was empty. He gently touched my cock over pants, and it made me shiver. He blocked the view from the corridor with his huge body and opened my zip, then took my dick out with his hand. My first BBC gay – was in my head.

The danger of being caught made me even more excited, and when he took it to his mouth I had to control myself not to explode. I pushed him a bit, closed my trousers and said: “Follow me after a minute”. While waiting in the cabin toilet I wasn’t thinking about anything else but his dick. And when he knocked and entered for the first time I took a look of it – it was a monster!

It looked like he had a long torch in his pocket, right to his knee. His pants looked like they are going to explode from the pressure. Without further talk, he turned me and I took a hold of the wall. He undressed me and himself, and finally, I felt his big black cock touching me. He pushed inside, it slid into my ass and a flash of pain took me for a few seconds (painal!). But soon I relaxed and started to enjoy it, a lot – it was the biggest dick I have ever had in my asshole! BBC gay sex, the best ever.

He was fucking me passionately, we were both moaning. My cock was also erected, all the time on edge of orgasm. It looks like banging lasted for eons, neverending joy. When I felt his warm seed I also cum, it was a long orgasm in waves. I guess we were both screaming in those moments because when we returned to our seats there was silence in the cabin and people were looking at us curiously.

But who cares! It was my first BBC, and it was on the plane so I was now in the Mile High Club! And it was a brilliant BBC anal sex.

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