First Time Anal

First time BBC anal
First time BBC anal

First-time anal sex is a big thing. Especially if the thingy is really big ;)
If you have a relationship and one day your boyfriend says “Let’s try anal, I brought lubricate” it is almost ok. Yes, it will hurt but he will generously lubricate his cock, enter your ass slowly, and after penetration shock, you’ll slowly relax.

But now imagine a party. A wild party. You have fun, you drank a bit. One big handsome black guy is eyeballing you and you return back. He comes, tells a few right words, touches your hair, small kiss… and takes you to an empty room.

You touch his pants and then you feel it – it’s bloody huge! All you think about is first-time anal sex, and you are an anal virgin. And while undressing you’re starting to understand he’s more interested in your ass than your pussy. And when he pushes you down on the bed, with your ass facing up, you know what’s coming… yup, it’s exciting interracial ass fucking!

Without warning, you feel your ass blasted. BBC painal! Like a train entered your asshole. Like his dick goes right through your body up to your throat. Like a steam machine is pumping your tiny ass!

What would your parents say if they could see you know? Their precious white princess is being mercilessly fucked by an enormous black cock, a first-time anal fuck! But you don’t feel ashamed, you just enjoy the moment.

And the guy enjoys it too. Your tight white asshole looks like it could never handle such a huge cock, from behind it looks like your small tiny body is impaled on a tick stick! While pushing he feels your body tremble and move together with his, it makes him even more excited.

When you start to cry, waves of orgasm pass your whole body, he also let it go in you, warm flushes filling your inside. You both crush to bed, exhausted. He looks into your eyes and you understand what has just happened

Baby, your ass has been anal blacked for the first time.

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