First Time Anal

First-time anal sex is a big thing. Especially if thingy is really big ;) If you have a relationship and one day your boyfriend says "Let's try anal, I brought lubricate" it is almost ok. Yes, it will hurt but he will generously lubricate his cock, enter your ass slowly, and after penetration shock, you'll slowly relax.

But now imagine a party. A wild party. You have fun, you drank a bit. One big handsome black guy is eyeballing you and you return back. He comes, tells few right words, touches your hair, small kiss... and takes you to an empty room.

BBC Anal Cuckold

He loves his wife. This weekend she'll be 35 but her body is still sexy, blonde with big ass and huge firm breasts. He's close to 50 and his libido is now lower than hers. He notices when she's looking at young men passing by and feels her desire that he just can't fulfill. But for her birthday he decided to give her a very special present.

Several weeks before they had dinner with his friends from the office, and she couldn't take her eyes of his colleague Jim. She was always fateful so she didn't try even to talk with him, but he knew she liked him a lot and wants him. He didn't know Jim so well, he just came to the company: young, tall, with muscular body, with perfect shiny black skin, short hair and beautiful smile.

At first, he was a bit jealous, who wants to be a cuckold... But soon he played with the idea in his head, imagining Jim and his wife. There was some strange pleasure in that, he even got a boner during that dinner. He decided to get closer to him so one day he asked him for lunch. Jim was an easy-going type of guy so soon they started talking just about everything. When asked "Do you like MILF? You know... housewife, like... my wife, you saw her last week." he smiled and said: "Oh, yeah, your wife is so sexy". After that the rest was easy...

When BBC Knocks At the Door

She got bored at home. Her husband was somewhere in the town, making money. It was ok, that was the reason she married that old, rich man. But being all alone today, even this big house, pool, drinks... it wasn't enough. She was about 35, blonde with huge boobs, long legs, and strong ass - a MILF sex goddess! And she needed a fuck, urgently.

All servants had a day off today, so when she heard the ring she had to answer the door. With a martini in her hand, she opened the door and... it was a pool guy. But not the regular one, a middle-aged man with a beer belly. As she soon learned, it was his son. No more than 20 years old, handsome lad with short hear, long, muscled body and strong arms. His smile alone was enough for her nipples to erect.

You touch his pants and then you feel it - it's bloody huge! And while undressing you're starting to understand he's more interested in your ass than your pussy. And when he pushes you down on the bed, with your ass facing up, you know what's coming... yup, it's exciting interracial ass fucking!

Without warning, you feel your ass blasted. Like a train entered your asshole. Like his dick goes right through your body up to your throat. Like a steam-machine is pumping your tiny ass!

What would your parents say if they could see you know? Their precious white princess is being mercilessly fucked by an enormous black cock! But you don't feel ashamed, you just enjoy the moment.

And the guy enjoys it too. Your tight white asshole looks like it could never handle such a huge cock, from behind it looks like your small tiny body is impaled on a tick stick! While pushing he feels your body trembles and moves together with his, it makes him even more excited.

When you start to cry, waves of orgasm passing your whole body, he also let it go in you, warm flushes filling your inside. You both crush to bed, exhausted. He looks at your eyes and you understand what has just happened

Baby, your ass has been anal blacked for the first time.

During the whole week, he was giving her hints about a surprise birthday party. In the same time, he called all her friends and relatives and said the party will be postponed for a week. So when that evening he came home with Jim, he was sure she will be alone. And she was alone, and also surprised and confused seeing them together. They took a drink and set on the sofa. Soon she felt relaxed, started talking and smiling, and her long dress opened a bit, showing her long legs.

He was slowly moving further and further from them, and when he murmured something about being tired and left the room they hardly noticed. But while leaving the room he didn't fully close the door. he continued watching them.

It started with a short touch of her knee, then a longer one, his hand on her hips, going up... Then a light kiss, she's throwing her head back and opening a way for his kiss on her breasts. One tit was out, big red nipple shivered on the touch of his tongue. Her legs were spreading, hips moving in anticipation...

For a moment he backed behind the door, confused, ashamed... But thrilled too. When he saw them again his wife bent over Jim's laps and his cock was in her mouth! Well, not entirely, it was too big for anyone's mouth and throat combined. It was so huge! Thick and long, that massive black dick was sucked by his wife. She had never done that for him!

Now she was without clothes, Jim too. She set on his laps and with her hand helped him enter, slowly. Her pussy saw more than a few dicks but not such an enormous one, it counts and the second first time. Her face showed both pain and pleasure. For a moment they stood still, like a statue: ivory on ebony. But then his moves fastened and she started to scream. She was riding and he was slamming simultaneously. If he was sleeping next door he would awake till now but at the moment she forgot who and where she was, all she knew was a big black sex machine under her that kept stubbing her pussy mercilessly.

Her orgasm was fast, wild and uncontrollable. Husband had never seen it before - because it was the first time she really had it. But Jim was far from finishing. When he thought her pussy would start to hurt from pounding, he took her and turned her, and then in a surprise move stuck it to her asshole. Surprise BBC anal creampie!

It was shock bot for her and her husband. "We've never done it!" was his thought. For her, it was like flesh in front of her eyes, the whole body shuddered, waves of sudden pain crossed her nerves. She had never had anal sex. And having it right now, with the biggest dick she had ever seen! But Jim hit the right spot and again pleasure overcame the pain, and again she was shivering from joy.

When Jim finally came, she was still trembling from her second orgasm. His warm seed deep inside her just made it better. She was fully blacked. They were so tired and emptied, he just relaxed next to her. And after they slept. Her husband went to the bathroom to jerk off, he kept it for a long time because he didn't want to miss even a second of this best birthday party ever.

She let him in, and before he could go to the pool and start his job, she started a small talk. In no more than a few minutes he was sitting on the sofa next to her, with a drink in his hand. She knew what she wanted and how to do it. Her home robe couldn't hide her tits even when fully closed, now the robe was slowly opening showing more and more to the boy. Few calculated moves with her legs and her hips were showing all the way up.

With pleasure, she noticed some moving in his pants, and it looked like a big one. Without further talking, she took his hand and put on her bosoms. In answer his pants just exploded, she was surprised. She opened the zip... She was looking at the biggest cock she had ever seen! That ebony monster was huge, thick, and was looking right at her. When she put it into her mouth, the boy moaned, and her throat hurt. She was barely able to breathe, the dick not just blocked her throat but also stretched her mouth.

This wasn't her pussy's first BBC but for sure was the biggest one. It hurt on penetration, but such an enormous one can't miss any hidden sweet spot, it was hitting all of them. While riding him she had the control, she could limit how much it entered and the speed. But while she already had her orgasm young black wanted more...

When she slowed down a bit, he turned her and took command. He targetted the pussy but lack of experience led to hitting her asshole instead, and hitting it hard. She was so surprised she couldn't even say "No". Something huge was drilling inside her body, she felt like her internal organs were displaced by it. And asshole was stretched beyond possible, she was sure she wouldn't be able to walk for a week after this.

But soon she started to enjoyed it, and boy for sure liked this new thing. Tighter than pussy, it was giving him more pleasure, and just the sight of a BBC entering the tiny hole of this gorgeous blonde was more than exciting. So he continued with strong strokes, while she was approaching her second orgasm. With his final stroke sperm filled her body, and she just screamed from joy.

And she couldn't walk for just two days after this dark sodomy.