Blonde BBC Anal Porn

BBC Anal Blonde
BBC Anal Blonde

She got bored at home. Her husband was somewhere in the town, making money. It was ok, that was the reason she married that old, rich man. But being all alone today, even this big house, pool, drinks… it wasn’t enough. She was about 35, blonde with huge boobs, long legs, and a strong ass – a MILF sex goddess! And she needed a fuck, urgently, if possible BBC anal!

All servants had a day off today, so when she heard the ring she had to answer the door. With a martini in her hand, she opened the door and… it was a pool guy. But not the regular one, a middle-aged man with a beer belly. As she soon learned, it was his son. No more than 20 years old, handsome lad with short hair, a long, muscled body, and strong arms. His smile alone was enough for her nipples to erect.

She let him in, and before he could go to the pool and start his job, she started a small talk. In no more than a few minutes he was sitting on the sofa next to her, with a drink in his hand. She knew what she wanted and how to do it. Her home robe couldn’t hide her tits even when fully closed, now the robe was slowly opening showing more and more to the boy. Few calculated moves with her legs and her hips were showing all the way up, where this blonde will open her ass for his BBC.

With pleasure, she noticed some moving in his pants, and it looked like a big one. Without further talking, she took his hand and put it on her bosoms. In answer his pants just exploded, she was surprised. She opened the zip… She was looking at the biggest cock she had ever seen! That ebony monster was huge, thick, and was looking right at her. When she put it into her mouth, the boy moaned, and her throat hurt. She was barely able to breathe, the dick not just blocked her throat but also stretched her mouth, it’s what blacks on blonde look like.

This wasn’t her pussy’s first BBC but for sure was the biggest one. It hurt on penetration, but such an enormous one can’t miss any hidden sweet spot, it was hitting all of them. While riding him she had the control, she could limit how much it entered and the speed. But while she already had her orgasm young black wanted more… This time he wanted blonde BBC anal sex.

When she slowed down a bit, he turned her and took command. He targetted the pussy but lack of experience led to hitting her asshole instead and hitting it hard. She was so surprised she couldn’t even say “No”. Something huge was drilling inside her body, she felt like her internal organs were displaced by it (“It hurts! Painal!!”). And asshole was stretched beyond possible, she was sure she wouldn’t be able to walk for a week after this.

But soon she started to enjoy it, and boy for sure liked this new thing. Tighter than pussy, it was giving him more pleasure, and just the sight of a BBC entering the tiny hole of this gorgeous blonde was more than exciting. So he continued with strong strokes, while she was approaching her second orgasm. With his final stroke sperm filled her body, and she just screamed with joy.

And she couldn’t walk for just two days after this dark sodomy – blondes like BBC anal.

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