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Interracial sex is far from taboo, but it's still exotic enough to be a fetish. Especially when connected with the fact that black guys just have it way bigger than whites. Big, monstrous cock is a sign of male domination in the bed, and when that black monster enters tight asshole of a tiny white girl it is a spectacle.

There's also nice contrast - huge black dick pumps in full speed a white ass. Ass shakes and trembles from hits of a big muscular body and huge bone drilling its rectum. Ebony pulverizing ivory. Dark sodomy.

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Kylie K.

Even before visiting this site for the first time (my mother recommended it to watch informative BBC anal videos) dick in my ass wasn't a stranger to me. You know, in the show business, and especially as a female singer, a pussy has great workload. In time (and I'm in this business for a really long time) it gets tired and unresponsive, so I found out ass can help. But again, a lot of work made it numb too. I remember, once I left the makeup room and was about to enter the stage with my agent's cock still in my asshole! So I had to try something new. My mother knew about the problem and recommended me a site that, as she said, widened her horizons (btw the first time she got anally blacked she couldn't walk for a day or two). Anyway, I wasn't new in this, but again was full of the right, useful information... And I enjoyed videos too. So after a few mistakes (you know, dick length is hard to estimate from distance), I let my instinct lead me... And I found my perfect BBC with Nick! Ok, his last name (Cannon) was a good hint but nothing compares to a good-old field testing, so when he penetrated my rectum and I felt pain, I was sure he was the right man for me and my favorite interracial anal sex.
Mariah C.

They started accusing me of groping few brods, it is bad for me, bad for the USA economy, so I asked Ivanka "Bring your tight ass here and help me, what to do now? They say I'm a sexist, I want to change my public image". And she's like "They also say you hate gay people, you hate black... Let's show them you are not a bigot. Let's kill two birds with one stone". My sexy girl was right, as always, although I didn't understand her, and then she said "There is one site, every night I and Melania are there, BBC anal creampie is cool. And Junior also likes it, he said he met a lot of interesting people there". So Junior brought them home, I didn't understand a thing, the Oval Office full of big, muscular, black guys, and then Junior said: "Look at me, later you do the same" and he laid on the conference table and put down his pants while guys were standing in line behind him. After him, it was my turn and I really don't understand the whole thing but after few rounds my butt really hurt, I know I was doing something right and good, something to be proud of, and all I can say is "Thank you BBC Anal, you made America great again."
Donald T.


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There're several subgenres, most wanted and searched for is teen anal BBC porn. In every traditional family, the most important thing is to keep your daughter virgin until marriage. So it's forbidden to imagine her with someone having sex. And it's even worse if the boy is black. And the worst is if his little princess enjoys huge black dick in her asshole. All forbidden things are super attractive sexual fantasies so many dads are craving for seeing videos of teen girls' asses blasted by big black cocks.

After the daughter comes the wife. If the husband is middle-aged and libido is weaker or getting a boner is harder and harder even with pills, sex with his wife becomes more fantasy than reality. And it's easy to imagine her with someone else, behind his back or maybe with his approval, even watching! Again, young black hunk with huge dick in his wife's white ass is the biggest humiliation, so that's exactly the most exciting sex scene he can imagine... to resurrect his erection. Do you like cuckold?

First time having sexual intercourse and losing virginity is painful, but it's nothing compared to getting big dick in your asshole for the first time. If seeing a bit of pain in girls eyes makes you horny, first time anal is the right video for you. BBC versus petite white girl is a perfect combination.

BBC is an exotic male, so let combine him with exotic women like Latina, Japanese, Korean, Indian... Whatever is exotic for you. If it's a girl from Asia, her short body makes a great contrast to a big, tall black guy. And of course, it looks like his big dick will penetrate half of her small body. Contrary to all expectations, somehow she stays alive and without internal organ displacement. And she even enjoys it.

Blonde girls with huge tits are sex goddesses, so what can be better than seeing them riding huge black cocks? And her big ass amortizes strong strokes dude delivers to her asshole. Redhead sluts are different, tall and slim, with milky-white skin. There's something aristocratic in their look and style. So they are perfect for a story like "rich housewife was all alone at home when a young black gardener came".

As a gay, you like dicks. Doesn't matter if your preference is to be on top or down, holding a cock and sucking it is a nice thing. The bigger, the more exciting it is. And a big, muscular black man, it's so sexy. BBC in your ass is something you'll maybe never experience, but it's such a nice anal fantasy.

A woman entered the wrong neighborhood, or a girl stayed at a party too long, or a hip-hop fan was called to the after-concert party. Suddenly she is surrounded by black dudes and the look horny... or they all have a torch in the pocket. Luckily, it works for the girl too, she gets wet. What comes after is chaos, the girl is being passed from one to another, having in her usually more than one cock. We call it the BBC anal gangbang.

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